Siliciumbearbeitung Andrea Holm supplies parts for IR-Optics as well as Laser – and X-Ray Optics


For IR-Optic we supply blanks for lenses, pre-shaped lenses and domes (ready to be polished) or round and rectangular plates and discs.

  • Diameter up to 700 mm possible
  • Pre-shaped domes and lenses (ready to be polished)
  • Polished flat discs and plates
  • Dia.:20 Ohmxcm (best IR material, but limited in Diameter)
  • Dia.: > 200 mm: CZ, n/Phosphorus, > 20 Ohmxcm with additional tempering process
    to increase transmission rate
  • To guaranty optical properties (>52% at 3-5µm) Transmission rate is measured


Other infrared material:

  • Sapphire
  • Germanium

IR-Optik - Scheiben, DomeIR-Optik - Platten

Fotos: Discs / Doms // Plates

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Laser Optic

Siliciumbearbeitung Andrea Holm supplies blanks for Laser- and X-Ray mirrors (Synchronoptic) as well as finished polished mirrors.

Possible diamensions:

  • Length up to 1800 mm
  • Diameter of
  • Special Diameter of 450 mm possible
  • Mirror-carriers



  • Silicon
  • Zerodur
  • Germanium
  • ULE-Glas
  • Quartz
  • SiC


Manufactoring capabilities:

  • Radius, cylindrical, toroid and elliptical surfaces
  • Holes for cooling or mechanical purposes
  • grooves
  • any other shapes

Just let us know what you need and we are thankful to offer you what is possible

Besides the standard orientation we can also any other orientation (such as …).
If needed we can adjust accuracy or fatomic plane < 0,02°.

Laser-Optik - SonderoptikenLaser-Optik - Sonderoptiken

Fotos: Special-Optics

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SPECIAL-OPTICS for Laser and X-Ray applications

Channel-Cut, Mono- and Polychromator

Channel-Cuts are very unique optics. We have developed a technique to be able to polish the optical surfaces without destroying the atomic layer. We can adjust orientation accuracy to </=0,01°

Sonderoptiken - Channel Cuts

Foto: Channel Cuts

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