We serve most of the major segments of the semiconductor processing equipment market including etch, CVD and thermal processing spare parts of all OEM tools as well as exclusive production for OEMs.

Typical products are

Silicon-Rings  (Focus-, Insert-Rings) up to 18“ Wafer applications
Halbleiter - Focus- / Insert-Ringe
Foto: Focus- / Insert Rings


Shower-Heads (Electrodes) up to 18“ Wafer application
Lochscheiben (Showerheads / Elektroden)bis 18“ Wafer AnwendungenLochscheiben (Showerheads / Elektroden)bis 18“ Wafer Anwendungen
Foto: Showerheads // Electrode


Special Wafers with NOT Semi Specification or wafer manufactoring

– Diameter or thickness
– Material specification: Dopant or Resistivity
– Certain orientation or offsets
– Structures or Geometries


Wafer-carrier for immobilization or handling of Standard Wafers

– Silicon Wafers as carrier (pocket wafer)
– any diameter, depending on carrier size
– depthof pocket down to rest thickness of app. 0,25 mm


– Wafer-carrier made of quartz or ceramic
– Less Arm
– Quartz- or AlO3 handlers / carriers
Waferträger zum Fixieren oder handeln von StandardwafernWaferträger zum Fixieren oder handeln von Standardwafern


Silicon-Boat for high-temperature, CVD or Diffusion processes

– high-puritysilicon (same materialassiliconwafer)
– For wafer size 1“to 18“
– Possible length up to 1500 mm
– We use a special mechanical screwing technique which was especially developed for this process and which offers certain advantages:
– Simple transportation and handling of the boat (can be shipped in single pieces and can easily be assembled on site)
– Simple exchange of single parts due to abrasion of breakage (cost advantage, since you only exchange certain parts not the whole boat)
– no impurities (as similar boats which use gluing or welding techniques), complete made out of silicon.
– simple Assembling with special tools and devises

Silicium-Boote für Hochtemperatur-, Beschichtungs- und DiffusionsprozesseSilicium-Boote für Hochtemperatur-, Beschichtungs- und DiffusionsprozesseSilicium-Boote für Hochtemperatur-, Beschichtungs- und Diffusionsprozesse


Quartz components mainly for high-temperature applications and tools

– Spider
– Connections for acid or cleaning equipment
– Pins
– Wafer-carrier

Foto: Quarz components